Server Hosting, Security, and Support for WordPress.

WordPress hosting service specification

Fast, highly-optimised, secure servers based in Sydney datacenter.
  • 99.9% service availability.
Service Level Agreement
New Zealand based. Support hours are 9 am - 5 pm, Monday thru Friday. Please see Scope of Support
LiteSpeed Enterprise (LSWS).
  • Unbeatable HTTPS performance with TLS-record-level optimization.
  • Full .htaccess support.
PHP Implementation
Version 7.4 via LSWS + LSAPI (7.1, 7.2, and 7.3 also available for legacy plugins), with Zend OPCache. PHP Version 8 is also available to early adopters. WordPress 5.6 is "beta-compatible" with PHP 8.
  • Up to 20% better performance than FastCGI. (source)
  • Up to 50% faster than Apache with mod_PHP and 75% faster than nginx with PHP-FPM. (source)
Storage / Drive
Local NVM Express (NVMe) Solid State Drive (SSD).
Supported Protocols
  • HTTP/2, QUIC, HTTP/3 (+ older).
  • Most up-to-date, best performing HTTP/3 implementation.
  • Forced-HTTPS with Let's Encrypt SSL (EC-384 bits), or you can bring your own certificate.
  • Brotli compression support (developed by Google). Provides for better compression than gzip and it’s now supported in all 4 major browsers.
  • TLS 1.3 — Certificate compression, reduced handshake exchange data size.
At Medieval, your MySQL databases are hosted at localhost, leading to faster queries and loading times.
  • MySQL 8.0.
  • phpMyAdmin.
  • Ssh (Secure Shell) with WP-CLI.
  • SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).
  • Advanced server-level firewall
  • NSFocus DDoS Mitigation.
  • Shared IP address (dedicated IP addresses available for an additional charge).
  • Each host server has dual 1000 Mbps, full duplex adapters.
  • BBR congestion control for significant networking speed gains.
  • All accounts are WordPress-Ready. The latest version of WordPress is already pre-installed for you.
  • Daily checksum checks on WordPress Core.
  • Supercharge WordPress with the LiteSpeed Cache plugin — a full-page cache solution that speaks directly to the webserver.
  • One "Production" WordPress installation per account.
  • WordPress Multi-site (WPMU) is not supported.
  • Outbound email is restricted, SMTP Authentication must be configured.
  • Fair use policy applies.
  • WordPress database size contributes to storage allowance.
  • Any WordPress plugins that constantly chew up system resources are disallowed.
Email and SMTP

Our WordPress plans do not include email accounts.

You should configure your WordPress installation to communicate with a SMTP server for any outbound email.

Domains and DNS

We do not handle registration of domain names. You are always encouraged to manage this separately from your hosting provider.

Managed DNS is available if you choose to use our name servers.