WordPress Runs Great On Medieval

Peace of mind comes standard

Forget traditional shared hosting. Raw web performance comes from highly optimised and properly configured web stacks.

Faster loading websites have been proven to help businesses increase sales, and they typically rank better on search engines, like Google & Bing.

Create a better user experience for your viewers by going fast.

  • tick2 High Performance
  • tick2 PHP7 Ready Service
  • tick2 Brotli Compression Support
  • tick2 SSD Drives
  • tick2 HTTP/2
  • tick2 Central Datacenter
  • tick2 Full page caching
  • tick2 REDIS query caching

Medieval uses Bare-metal Servers. We don't run our business on someone elses' virtual server.

Our VMware-powered managed compute instances are backed by real dedicated resources, with lower CPU core to virtual-CPU core ratios. As we do not overload our servers, your website is more responsive.


PHP7 Ready Service

Speed up your site with the latest version of PHP. We offer all major point releases of version 7, as well as 5.6 for backward compatibility.

PHP 7.4

Available December 2019


Support for Next-generation over-the-wire Compression - Brotli

Squeeze your page assets even further without any extra work, using technology developed by Google.


SSD-Based Servers

SSD ensures faster performance and reduced page load times for your website.


Latest Technology

Everything you need to get your WordPress site running optimally. Only the latest and greatest, tried and trusted.


Next-generation Sydney Datacenter

We are housed in the fantastic NEXTDC S1 facility in Sydney. This central location is the best for our customers in Australia and New Zealand.


Full Page Caching

A full page cache can dramatically improve the performance of your site by quickly serving a previously generated page rather than executing PHP and querying the database.


Better WordPress Caching with Redis

Redis provides an in-memory caching mechanism that acts as an alternative to the MySQL database. All sites are set up with Redis object caching to greatly reduce database requests.


Web Application Firewall

Our web application firewall blocks a wide range of attack vectors. It also provides for attack surface reduction and records raw transaction data which is essential for forensics.


Bad Bots Blocked

Over 500 bad bots and over 6000 bad referrers blocked, including vulnerability scanners, content scrapers, spam bots, and government surveillance bots.


WordPress Core Protection

WordPress 'Core' checksum integrity scans at 15 minute intervals. Infected sites will go into automatic lockdown and our engineers are alerted.



Optionally improve your website's privacy and security with a virtual perimeter. We can block entire countries or only allow traffic from certain countries.


Reactive Protection

Instant brute-force login protection keeps undesirables out.


NZ-based Legendary Support

Knowledgeable support and advice that is worth your time and investment. Don't just believe us, read our testimonials page.


Fully Managed

We absolutely mean that. There is no control panel for you to play around with. Server configuration and monitoring wholly managed by us. No external (or eternal) geeks required. That's it. We're it. Problems solved forever while you're with us.


Safeguard Your Data

Regular encrypted backups to cloud storage for total peace of mind. By regular we mean every 3 hours.


Professional Migration

We will transfer your website from your old web hosting account to your new Medieval account, with minimum downtime, at a time that's convenient for you.



Free SSL certificates generated and renewed automatically for you.


Built-in MySQL Manager

Direct access to your databases using the famous phpMyAdmin package.


Accelerated Form and Store Checkout Processing

Our platform can offload time-consuming SMTP actions to significantly reduce the time your customers have to wait for your success page.