High-performance hosting for WordPress, done right.

We pride ourselves on the level of support we offer our customers, and we manage a technology stack that affords us the ability to get you immense performance out of your WordPress site.

Starting from $27+gst per month
HTTP/3 TLS 1.3PHP 7.4PHP 8LiteSpeed
WordPress hosting

Don't keep your customers waiting.

Your websites speed is the number one thing that makes or breaks your customer's online experience. Faster loading websites are proven to help businesses increase sales, and they typically rank better on search engines, like Google and Bing.

We provide a WordPress hosting service that is second to none. Pricing begins at $27+gst per month. See Pricing and Plan options

High-frequency Cores

WordPress raw performance heavily relies on speedy PHP script execution. Our servers come equipped with 3.5 GHz cores, smashing through code in nearly half the time compared to our competitors. Faster PHP equals a faster WordPress.

Legendary New Zealand Support

Work with real web developers and engineers who have decades of knowledge and experience. Knowledgeable, responsive support and advice that is worth your time and investment. Don't just believe us, read our testimonials page.

No control panel

We're a fully-managed operation, and we take care of the tech. Our WordPress hosting is a centralised service in which all technical aspects get handled by us. No unwieldy and complicated control panel means you can't accidentally break anything or cause a meltdown. You'll love that you won't need to ever worry about tweaking anything.

Server-Level Full-Page Caching

A full-page cache can dramatically improve your site's performance by quickly serving a previously generated page rather than executing PHP and querying the database. The WordPress caching plugin speaks directly to the LiteSpeed Enterprise web server faster than any other caching plugin available.

AutoSSL with TLS 1.3

Our service automatically gives your website a free SSL certificate (Let's Encrypt SSL — EC-384 bits). All connections are forced-HTTPS by default. We use the latest TLS (transport layer security) version 1.3; this reduces latency, optimises performance and hardens the security of your encrypted connections. You can also implement your custom certificate.

We know our hardware

We use bare-metal servers, and we certainly don't run our business on someone else's' under-powered virtual server(s). Our VMware-powered managed-compute instances are backed by real dedicated resources, with lower CPU core to virtual-CPU core ratios. As we do not overload our servers, your website is more responsive.

All-Flash NVMe Storage

Ultra-fast NVM Express solid-state drives ensure faster read/write performance and reduced page load times for your website.

Modern PHP + MySQL

Running the latest PHP and MySQL versions are a must if you want to get the best possible performance and security for your WordPress website. We support the newest version of both PHP and MySQL on our platform.

Simple no-tricks pricing

If you're not satisfied, contact us within the first 90 days and we'll send you a full refund.

"Keep" - Our WordPress starter plan

WordPress hosting

Blazing fast hosting for WordPress. High-frequency 3.5 GHz CPUs, LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server — The web server with web-acceleration solutions that embrace and advance cutting-edge technologies. Built-in caching. Legendary New Zealand Support - it's love at first byte.

What's included

  • 1 GB NVMe SSD Storage

  • 10 GB Outbound traffic (month)

  • FTP / SFTP / SSH / WP-CLI / phpMyAdmin

  • Latest WordPress preinstalled

  • Unmetered visitors(fair use policy applies)

Need more disk space, or higher traffic allowances? Other plans are available and can be configured when you order!

Pay month to month, or save with a longer term.