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Terms of use

This tool is a Medieval Service and requires JavaScript to function. It is provided free by us for anyone to use. Please contact us for bug reports and feature requests.

The How and the Why

We created this tool to make it easier for us to quickly audit websites.

We've made this service available to the public because we are concerned about the fact that so many hosting providers are still continuing to provide outdated versions of PHP. They should be shot! PHP is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language.

WordPress depends on PHP, and so having said that - a supported and current release of PHP is mandatory in our quest for robust security and higher performance.

Predictably, some folks are also completely oblivious to the fact that their WordPress installation may be outdated too. If you have a hired or aquired web guy, it doesn't necessarily mean everything is smelling lovely like roses. You should check the water just to be safe.

How do we know? In October 2016 we dispatched a little spider to just find out. Our spider collected data from over 27 thousand websites in the New Zealand domain namespace.

We hope this tool will be helpful. erwfd.svg We've deliberately made it so that it only works on WordPress sites, sorry!

By entering your domain name in above, our probe will attempt to contact your website and in doing so, it will measure how long it takes, record any redirections, and take notes.

We check if the HTTP protocol is the newest HTTP/2 or not, and we'll check for valid security certificates. We also probe for other things such as GZIP/BR compression, TLS protocol, and cipher strength.

Sometimes we can detect the version of WordPress and PHP, not always but we do try our best. This depends if the information is readily available to us as a minority of hosting providers and WordPress plugins try to block or lock this down. If we can not detect a WordPress or PHP version, we strongly advise caution, and you should find out for yourself, just to be on the safe side. Or you could just host with us..

Just in case you were wondering, this tool is located in Sydney, Australia. If you are situated in Australia or New Zealand , the download timing/speed is almost spot on, great representation of your target audience etc. Our server infrastructure is with Amazon. So if you're elsewhere on this planet, you'd just need to keep in mind that the attempt is being made from here.