Give your WordPress site the best chance ever, to stand the Test of Time.

Legendary is an extension to our high-performance WordPress hosting.

Do you ever log in to your WordPress and get a notice that you need to update a plugin, or WordPress itself? Unsure what to do next?

Have you ever updated your WordPress site and something has broken, or your site has disappeared altogether?

Are you terrified of the real threat that one day your WordPress site could fall to its knees as malicious actors ravish through your file system and expose your data?

Are you locked out of your WordPress site?

Our security-focused and preventative maintenance support plan offers you true peace of mind. We guarantee quick incident response times, essential for timely crisis resolution.

Let that sink in. Timely crisis resolution. Medieval prides itself on quick response. In a time of crisis — something that is impacting on your business, causing you to stress, this high level of support is crucial.

Don't let your business suffer from the brutal aftermath of a compromised website. It is not a matter of if, it's when.

Malware-infected websites need to be dealt with swiftly, and you shouldn't take any chances with the possibility of re-infection.

If your website gets infected with malware, time is of the essence. Pull your site down immediately, before Google notices. Otherwise, it will be too late, and the reputation of your site is already damaged, and recovery from this will be difficult. Your website credibility goes out the window once Google begins flagging it as deceptive.

If your WordPress site makes you $$$, don't settle for anything less than a security plan that is as robust and comprehensive as ours. WordPress accounted for 90% of all hacked CMS (Content Management System) sites in 2018. It's a target with mass appeal. Threats are real. Why risk your business at all?

Add Legendary to your WordPress.


Website health check — We carry out an initial website health check to make sure your WordPress installation is healthy, up to date, secure and free of issues.

Reduce attack surfaces — We will remove unused plugins, and audit your website for common vulnerabilities

Continuous monitoring

Site uptime monitoring — We check your website every five minutes to make sure it's up and running smoothly, so you don't miss a potential lead.

WordPress core integrity monitoring — We check the integrity of your WordPress "core files" every 15 minutes of the day. If something is not supposed to be there, your site gets shut down immediately to prevent further damage. Our system will put up a temporary placeholder page. Malware team dispatched.

Enterprise-grade security monitoring — With enterprise-grade security, your website is locked down tight and monitored continuously. If our system detects any suspicious activity, we will investigate and resolve any issues. In the unlikely event, your site gets compromised, injected with malware or hacked; we will clean up and restore it to normal.


Secure off-site backups — Daily, off-site and secure WordPress backups will protect your website from any data loss. We can restore your website in less than 30 minutes in most cases.

Preventative Maintenance

Safe and seamless WordPress updates — WordPress core, theme and plugins are updated and tested every month without you ever being bothered about it.

Strong .htaccess-based firewall — Offers lightweight, account-level protection against a wide range of malicious requests, bad bots, automated attacks, spam, and many other types of threats and nonsense.

Service Deliverables

Hacker Cover — If for any reason your website does get hacked under our care, we'll put it right, and it won't cost you a cent more.

Broken something? — We'll spend up to 15 minutes a month to fix something you did.

Stay updated — We conduct checks and updates to plugins and themes multiple times each month.

Incident Response

Premium response service level agreement set by contract.

  • If your site is compromised, injected with malware or hacked, we'll begin the recovery process within two hours of being notified during business hours. If we get informed outside business hours, we'll schedule the work for the earliest possible time on the very next business day. Please note, in any case, your site will be taken down and replaced with a placeholder page immediately.
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting for site issues get performed during regular business hours.

No contract – cancel at any time, after a minimum 3-month period at the start.


You are responsible for the security and proper use of all passphrases used to access your website, and you must take all necessary steps to ensure that they are kept confidential, used correctly and not disclosed to unauthorised people. You must inform us immediately if you have any reason to believe that there has been a breach of security or trust.

Our security-focused and preventative maintenance support plan is an extension of our hosting service offering, providing additional peace of mind in case something goes wrong. The entirety of our Scope of Support document still applies, with exceptions made to areas that are superseded by this plan. Requests that are "Outside the Scope of Support" are not covered under this plan.

Updates to themes will only apply where there are parent and child theme relationships. Only the parent theme is updated when a new version is available.

We are not responsible for issues relating to new site functionality recently introduced by a third party. For example, if a developer creates a form for your website, but failed to test it as working, he/she has to provide the remedy. We can fix it for an additional fee.