How much does Medieval cost?

From Just $37/month for businesses

Prices exclude 15% GST for New Zealand customers. All purchases are subject to our terms of use.

Our billing is in arrears. That is, we charge at the end of each billing period (17th each month) based on your usage during that period.


Where raw performance is paramount, Fortress delivers with 4 PHP workers. Ideal for ecommerce stores and sites that have a lot going on.

  • 1 install
  • 25K visits/month
  • 4 GB SSD storage
  • 4 PHP Workers
Starting at $87NZD /mo Risk free for 7 days.
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For sites that are more advanced than your typical standard-stock basic WordPress. Stronghold has a higher memory allocation and greater CPU prioritization than our Keep plan.

  • 1 install
  • 12K visits/month
  • 4 GB SSD storage
  • 2 PHP Workers
Starting at $57NZD /mo Risk free for 7 days.
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Don't let the single tower deceive you. Our entry level Keep plan is quite performant and is ideal for businesses starting out with a new or existing website. You can upgrade anytime.

  • 1 install
  • 8K visits/month
  • 4 GB SSD storage
  • 2 PHP workers
Starting at $37NZD /mo Risk free for 7 days.
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20% off for non-profits & charities

Upgrade database

Upgrade to a database cluster containing 3 Database Master Replicas for better database redundancy and performance. Available on Stronghold and Fortress plans.

  • Automatic fail-over
  • Load balanced
  • Multi-master replication
  • Cluster of 3 database nodes spread over 3 servers
$35NZD /mo One-time setup fee $49
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Add more storage

Add an additional 4GB to your existing plan

  • Fast SSD storage
Only $9NZD /mo
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Single Tenanted Servers

The entire castle to yourself. If you require an solution that goes beyond our standard offerings, talk to us. We can provision a large number of managed servers to provide you with the solution you need.

  • Single server dedicated to just you
  • Six-core solid computing power @2.4 GHz per core
  • More memory and computing resources than our standard plans — 8GB memory with 12 PHP workers
  • System administration support, maintenance plus our expertise and support channels
  • Includes our 3 Database Master Replicas add-on (one is situated on your server, the other two are on two of ours)
  • 50GB storage (massive! + we also back this up)
$337NZD /mo Depends on requirements
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Medieval gives back

When you buy Medieval, you’re already making one of the best investments you can make in running your website better, and smarter. There's a good chance that you'll recoup the cost of our services each month, just by letting us handle all the technical aspects of hosting your website.

You're also supporting a business that believes in giving back. Because we sell our services to businesses, we're able to give discount subscriptions for non-profits and charities.

Common Questions

What happens when the trial’s up? Will we be charged?

Nope. We don’t ask for your credit card up front, so as a matter of fact, we can’t charge you until you decide you want to purchase Medieval. You’re always in control. At any time during the trial, or when the trial is up, you can decide what you want to do. If you want to continue, we’ll ask for your credit card then. If not, no problem — you can email us to cancel.

What if we need more than 7 days to evaluate Medieval?

If you haven’t purchased Medieval before the trial ends, and you need a little more time, just let us know. We’re happy to extend your trial. However if have a first born under 2 months, we may have naming rights.

When will I get billed?

The billing cycle runs from the 17th of each month through to the 16th of the following month. If you're on trial you needn't worry about this stuff, yet.

Invoices are generated automagically on 17th for the recent cycle. You pay after (and not before) usage, with payment due within 14 days.

For annual accounts, an invoice is generated on the first 17th and will cover a 365-day period starting from when you first signed up.