Here’s how Medieval works

Get the power of global cloud computing for the fastest WordPress experience.

Are you looking for incredible power and performance from your WordPress host? Of course you are.

Look no further..

Medieval is optimised for WordPress, and along with incredible performance - you'll also get fully locked down servers that are secure and virtually impenetrable.

Tests have shown that we're one of the Fastest WordPress Hosts around. Bringing you super-fast servers to host your site is what we do best.

Medieval will keep your website running at peak performance with world-class security so that you can stop worrying about all the other things, like, for example.. when it's going to fall over.

Unlike a typical web hosting provider, Medieval only provides specialised web and consultancy services for WordPress sites.

If you value the opportunities, sales, leads your website brings to your business, why would you jeopardize your online success with a cheap web provider? Not a chance!

Instead of putting your website on a 'shared hosting' plan — competing for computing resources, with an overwhelming control panel, and sub-par performance, or hosted somewhere overseas where you have no idea — Medieval provides everything your website needs. Secure, performant, updated, and backed by experts who have developed with WordPress for over 10 years.

Medieval isn't just about hosting your website.

Think of Medieval as your CTO-for-hire. Along with premium hosting, you'd also have access to premium knowledge, support and consultancy.

Why are fast speeds and optimised performance so important in web hosting?

Your customers will leave your site or switch to another supplier if your website has issues.

Faster loading websites:

  • Have been proven to help businesses increase sales.
  • Typically rank better on search engines, like Google & Bing.
  • Create a better user experience for your viewers.

Your business needs you to work on it, not in it. Spending time making strategic decisions or completing other value added tasks is your job.

Let us manage your web hosting for you. We will:

  • Update your plugins,
  • Upgrade WordPress new releases,
  • Plug holes.
  • Beef up your security,
  • And - optimise performance.

Locked down like a Fortress

We'll endeavour to make your website as safe and secure as possible. Keeping your data safe is our utmost priority.

  • Enterprise Firewall,
  • WordPress 'signature' checking every 15 minutes,
  • Malware and virus scanning,
  • Containerised instances,
  • Instant website data lockdown mechanism.

Instead of tinkering with a control panel…

…You'll ask us what you need to be done. Everything you need with regards to server configuration, security certificates, domains and aliases is done for you.

Taking away the control panel was the best thing we ever did. No need to drown in a sea of technical jargon, and one less password for you to remember.

We don't use turnkey web hosting software to run a web hosting business — That's for the fly-by-night cowboys. We built our own infrastructure using many, many cloud servers and we control the configuration for everything. This affords us the ability to provide cutting edge technology and custom solutions.

So what about the nitty gritty?

There are a lot of technical aspects to the service we provide, so we've left much of that for our technical page.

Basically, our infrastructure consists of a growing number of high-end linux servers, and we provide you with dedicated resources to ensure your website is running at its peak performance.

We use virtualisation to run hundreds of container instances. Each WordPress site has its own web-serving container and database container. You can think of containers as micro-managed mini servers. It is as simple as that, servers running on servers.

By running your website in this fashion, it is no longer hardware-bound to any particular host server, as we can move the containers around depending on workload and availability. It also gives us the ability to roll out systematic updates and improvements. A new WordPress installation can be powered up in less than 10 seconds.

Container hosting is nothing new, but it is now gaining a lot of traction. A lot of hosting providers are struggling to adapt or catch up because they're tied to older legacy (and cumbersome) hosting panels. We've built our entire infrastructure around this technology and our customers are very happy with the simplicity of knowing that their website is being powered by optimised and thoroughly tested software, backed with industry knowledge and competence.

For an overview of the features of your new hosting account with us, head on over to the features page.