A complete solution for handling form submissions

Just point your form at FormSubmit

<form method="post" action="https://formsubmit.co.nz/form/XXXXXX" >
 <input type="email" name="email" placeholder="Your Email" />
 <button type="submit">Submit</button>

Any contact form, order form, survey or enquiry will work with FormSubmit

Some forms don't "submit" properly, leaving you or your clients wondering if the enquiries are even getting through.

Happy woman looking at laptop screen

Do you get excited when an email enquiry promptly arrives in your inbox?

Send your form to our secure URL and we'll handle it for you. No PHP, JavaScript, or backend required — also perfect for static sites!


(Still) Works without JavaScript

We've built this with 100% accessibility in mind - It will work for everyone.


Magic Endpoints

Paste our endpoints into your form HTML and get a complete backend for handling and automating form submissions.


URL Redirects

Redirect form submitters to any URL or page.



Send customisable real-time notifications to yourself or multiple recipients when new submissions come in.


Easy Validation

No need to worry about improperly completed forms, required fields or invalid email addresses.


No Embeds or iframes

Build and style your forms with 100% control over your HTML and CSS.



Automatically send personalised emails to people who submit your form.


Limitless integrations

Capturing submissions is just the beginning. Route form data to other applications with webhooks and custom server-side functions.

Tired of over-complicated form plugins that restrict usability and creativity? Design your form how YOU want it. We'll handle everything else.

More power to you. FormSubmit can replace bulky WordPress form plugins such as Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, and Ninja Forms. Avoid security vunerabilities by switching to FormSubmit today.

Only $6/month per form

($72 per annum) $39 one-time setup fee. Customised email templates may incur extra design and setup fees. Contact us for free quotation.

FormSubmit is a Medieval Service.

Advanced Features and Benefits


Inline styling for HTML emails

Simply provide your own CSS and the HTML and our system will automatically replace your class names for each element with inlined styles. This is great for branding and layout consistency across all email clients - including Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and mobile devices.


Global Transactional Email Delivery

We push your notification and autoresponder emails through a trusted and reputable transactional email delivery service - SendGrid. This ensures your emails are delivered, in a timely manner, to the right inbox - not junk and spam.


Instant notification by Text Message

Improve your email response time and improve customer satisfaction with instant alerts to your mobile phone when your form is submitted. From just 15 cents per alert.


Advanced Email Templating

Simply provide your own Jade/Pug template (or we can build one for you) and watch your emails come to life with many layout possibilities. Convert arrays of data into beautiful tables with ease.


Honeypot Spam Filtering

Designate any field in your form to act as the honeypot field. Our system will automatically block submissions if this field is filled out by spam bots.


JavaScript Fallback

Include a small script on your website to take advantage of our fast REST API for instant server-side validation and submission. In the event Javascript is absent, FormSubmit will still validate and advise the submitter accordingly.

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