WordPress Hack/Malware Removal

We're experts in fixing hacked websites. We will find and remove all traces of the malware or phishing and then isolate the cause. We can start immediately and can have most sites back to life within two hours.

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Get it fixed fast. And be protected for longer!

Resolution guaranteed for 2 months. If any re-infection occurs, we'll fix it for free.

Rapid Support and Cleanup

We'll detect and remove threats and resolve malware issues on your WordPress website. Let's get your website back up and running as fast as we can.

What we fix / remove

  • Malicious Redirects

  • Foreign files in WordPress core

  • Defacements

  • Backdoors

  • Phishing

  • Malware

  • Injected code

  • Google Blacklist and SERP Warnings

Fixed pricing. Your site back to life.


Malware Removal Services

Thousands of websites are hacked every day, with a multitude of intentions behind their efforts. The hackers' objectives include;

  • Defacement, damage or deletion of your website.
  • Theft of personal data.
  • Redirection of your traffic to other websites.
  • Installing malware or phishing mechanisms that will cause your visitors to divulge personal data.
  • Monitoring emails to intercept payments.

If your website gets hacked, you want the situation resolved ASAP and the website restored to its previously healthy status.

Rule #1: Don't panic!

Panic is a common reaction, but tackling an uncertain situation with insufficient information or expertise may make the situation worse. However, it would be best to have a rapid intervention to remedy the issue, before any malware monitoring services detect the infection and blacklist your website.

When your website gets infected with malware or phishing code, your hosting company may block access to it as soon as their filters discover it.

The website may also be red-flagged (or blocked) by web browsers with alarming alert messages guaranteed to drive away potential customers.