Your Questions Answered

What is Medieval?

Medieval offers a premium hosting service to customers who are serious about the management, performance, security and profitability of their WordPress website.

Why should I go for "Managed" hosting?

Managed hosting provides for much higher computing resource availability and an optimised, high-performance environment for your WordPress site. WordPress sites run in a typical shared hosting environment often exceed low resource allocations, leading to site downtime and slow performance.

Managed hosting for WordPress often entails far superior support compared to that provided by generic hosting. We have over 25 years of experience maintaining high-performance Linux systems and over 10 years development experience working with WordPress.

There are also sub-systems and processes in place to better support WordPress sites — for example, automated log rotation, database backups and quicker issue resolution.

What can you guys offer that other managed hosts can't?

Accountability. Usually, when you're dealing with your hosting provider, you're just another number, sadly, yes. But with Medieval, you're the reason why we exist in the first place! You're not reading a paragraph borrowed from some marketing chapter; our business success strives on your business success.

We understand that the human "Midas" touch factor still applies today, and it's hard to find. Get supported by real experts in their field (of expertise). We care about up-time; we care about performance. We love to give excellent customer support; we cry if your site goes down. Our engineers have all walked the talk. Our success largely hinges on your satisfaction, and for that reason, we're all in.

Which web control panel do you offer?

There is no "control panel". No more cPanel, Plesk, or VestaCP and others.

No need to drown in a sea of technical jargon, and one less admin password for you to remember!

Over the many years, we've found that embracing a "control panel" (that would govern our system), severely limits our horizon. Our ability to expand on its standard-stock features is limited because the "control panel" always tries to "take over the system." We've worked with Linux systems for over 25 years, and so we've developed our processes and methods for managing risk, performance, security, and integrity.

All configuration usually done by yourself using a "control panel", is done for you by us.

We call that service.

Do I need technical skills to use it?

Having no technical skils is the beauty of using Medieval to host your WordPress site. We take care of all the technical aspects. You only need to know how to use WordPress.

What happens if my website goes down?

Your website could go down for any number of reasons. Either something on our end causes your site to fail, or something you did, like install a dodgy plugin. In any case, our engineers are alerted if your site goes down.

Your website can also go down if our security systems detect any anomalies with your WordPress core files. If this happens, we'll be in touch.

You didn't answer my question

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