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Get your message through with Medieval Email.

Medieval Email. The Only Inbox You'll Ever Need.


Access your email from any device, enjoy massive storage and less spam, with full-time encryption.

A cloud-based solution, the Medieval platform uses Docker containers to run multiple mailservers over many high-end servers.

Our mail servers employ the latest technology for ease-of-use, conforming to proper mailing standards, and the best SPAM detection and prevention.

Set up your communications outpost today from just $4+gst/month per mailbox


Raise your trust reputation score and improve deliverability of your own outbound emails

Our mailservers will sign your outbound emails with a digital signature to increase its authenticity. We provide you with all the DKIM, SPF and DMARC records you need for your email domain. This will help prevent your emails from looking like spam to other mailservers.


And it's OK if you're just a small business

We don't impose a minimum number of mailboxes if you want to be a customer. If you need just one mailbox, that's cool. If you need 100 for your corporate, our system can handle that too.

tick.svg Up to 10 aliases/forwarding rules per mailbox
tick.svg IMAP Secure access only
tick.svg Fast RSPAMD spam scanning engine
tick.svg Modern webmail client
tick.svg Easily setup filtering rules
tick.svg Catch-all address option
tick.svg Plus signs in email addresses
tick.svg 25MiB attachment support

It is really easy to get started

Simply create a mail record (MX) for your domain name and have it pointing to us. We will sort your mail.

10 Gigabytes Secure Premium Storage

All your emails are stored on high-speed encrypted volumes. 10 Gigabytes is enough for you to store your emails on our servers, and leave them there.

Secure IMAP access from your device

The Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) allows us to store your email on the server. Rather than move your messages to your computer (which is vulnerable to severe data loss or theft), you can have them synchronised between all of your devices, enabling you to access them from wherever you are!

Strong SPAM Protection

We stop most spam in its tracks as soon as the offending mailserver contacts ours. We subscribe to multiple Real-time blocklists and our rapid scanning engine will knock down the rest that make it through.

Set up your own filters, rules and autoresponders - with EASE

If you want all email from Pizza Hut to automatically be redirected into a special dinner folder, you can do that here. You no longer need to rely on your main desktop computer actioning these rules. You also have the ability to compose your own vacation message without having to contact your boss.

@yourdomain, or use our exclusive email address,

You can set up your mailboxes for your own domain name, or if you prefer you can use our own exclusive address - (limited to one mailbox per customer, names subject to availability).

Our exclusive address is already configured for DKIM, SPF and DMARC, allowing for optimal email message deliverability.

It's so easy to change your password

You can change your password yourself without having to use any complex systems or procedures. It is really a simple task to log into your webmail to make the password change there.

Get so much more out of your email address

Append a plus ("+") sign and any combination of words or numbers after your email address.

For example, if your address was , you could send mail to or and they would all come through to the same mailbox.

The real value in being able to manipulate your email address in this manner is that it makes it really easy to filter these and put each one into different folders.