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  • tick3 Latest PHP 7.3
  • tick3 Server-Level Full-Page Cache
  • tick3 AutoSSL, Brotli, HTTP/3 (HTTP-over-QUIC), TLS 1.3, BBR Congestion Control, and more
  • tick3 Legendary Support

Work directly with us for the entire duration. Find out what people are saying about our service.


Work with real developers and engineers who have decades of knowledge and experience.


We’re always working to improve our hosting and keeping up to date with technology trends.

We hope it will be love at first byte.

Customised to fit your specific needs, Medieval simplifies complex technologies, optimised for lightning-fast speed and constant scalability. With Medieval, we can load your pages faster, install needed updates, and provide a level of security to make your website a virtual fortress. Backed by our legendary support, you won’t have to give it a second thought.

Enjoy a Faster Website

Our robust hosting platform provides the latest technology for your website so that it can perform at its best.

Fully Managed Operation

We'll handle it! Everything at Medieval is done for you. We take care of the tech so you don't have to.

Best-of-class Services

Folks in our business may debate what server software is best. But as WordPress-specific hosting experts, we know what works. Our optimised stack includes the latest web technologies. May not mean much to you, but ask your developer. They'll know we mean serious business.

24x7 System Management

Robust systems require potent tools. We monitor uptime and system health 24x7. We know what's happening before you do, and, when necessary, we take corrective actions to keep your customers happily buying your products.

We really enjoy supporting our customers.

Who Lives Here?

Businesses, brands, charities, and organisations of all shapes and sizes across New Zealand trust Medieval.

Medieval Exclusive

Steven Munro
An insight into the latest web technologies, helping you to supercharge your WordPress site performance, and other tidbits the serious site owner must know.
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Insanely Fast..

"..We're one of the fastest kiwi WordPress hosts (if not THE fastest with the BEST Support). *"

* As tested against 8500 random WordPress sites in the .nz domain name space. Identified from 22,999 sites in total. We've got the data.

Legendary Support

Knowledgeable support and advice. You're dealing with real sys-admins and developers whom live and breathe WordPress.

Need to secure your WordPress site? Look no further.

If your WordPress sites haven't been secured with HTTPS and an SSL certificate yet, we'll help you understand the problem, and how to fix it.

Secure Your WordPress Site

Not secure |

Get your website using cutting-edge technology with Medieval

With Free HTTPS
Secure |

..with these added benefits,

  • plus Brotli compression developed by Google,
  • plus Newest HTTP Standard, HTTP/3 — HTTP-over-QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections),
  • plus TLS 1.3 — Reduces latency, optimises performance and hardens the security of your encrypted connections.

Catapult your website to the next level.

Are you looking for incredible power and performance from your WordPress host? Of course, you are.

Look no further..

Medieval is hosting, and consultancy optimised for WordPress, and along with incredible performance - you'll also get fully locked down servers that are secure and virtually impenetrable.

Tests have shown that we're one of the Fastest WordPress Hosts around. Bringing you super-fast servers to host your site is what we do best.

Medieval keeps your website running at peak performance with world-class security so that you can stop worrying about all the other things, like, for example when it's going to fall over.

Unlike a typical web hosting provider, Medieval only provides specialised web and consultancy services for WordPress sites.

If you value the opportunities, sales, leads your website brings to your business, why would you jeopardize your online success with a cheap web provider? Not a chance!

Instead of putting your website on a 'shared hosting' plan — competing for computing resources, with an overwhelming control panel, and sub-par performance, or hosted somewhere overseas where you have no idea — Medieval provides everything that your website needs. Secure, performant, updated and backed by experts who have developed with WordPress for over 10 years.

Medieval isn't just about hosting your website.

Think of Medieval as your CTO-for-hire. Along with premium hosting, you'd also have access to superior knowledge, support and consultancy.

Why are fast speeds and optimised performance so important in web hosting?

Your customers will leave your site or switch to another supplier if your website has issues.

Faster loading websites:

  • Have been proven to help businesses increase sales.
  • Typically rank better on search engines, like Google & Bing.
  • Create a better user experience for your viewers.

Your business needs you to work on it, not in it. Spending time making strategic decisions or completing other value added tasks is your job.

Let us manage your web hosting for you. We will:

  • Upgrade WordPress new releases,
  • Plug holes.
  • Beef up your security,
  • And - optimise performance.

Locked down like a Fortress

We'll endeavour to make your website as safe and secure as possible. Keeping your data safe is our utmost priority.

  • Enterprise Firewall,
  • WordPress 'signature' checking every 15 minutes,
  • Malware and virus scanning,
  • Instant website data lockdown mechanism.

Experience the Medieval Difference. Sire, We Have Features!

Our goal is to make your user experience as streamlined and worry-free as possible. That’s why our highly scalable WordPress hosting solutions are designed with you in mind.

  • tick3 Fully Managed — Let us worry about the server configuration and system parameters.
  • tick3 Server-Level Full-Page Cache
  • tick3 WordPress Brute-Force Login Protection
  • tick3 WordPress Core integrity checks every 15 minutes
  • tick3 High Performance
  • tick3 Daily Backups
  • tick3 Latest HTTP/3 implementation with TLS 1.3 and Brotli compression.
  • tick3 New Zealand based Legendary Support

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